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Welcome to and, the brainchild of Jason Farley, an expert in online marketing and graphic design.


With years of experience in tough niches like Forex, Villa Rental, and Online Gaming, Jason hung up his scrapebox and headed back to his home country, Blighty, in search of a more conventional 9-to-5 job. However, he always kept in the back of his mind, envisioning a new purpose for it beyond its property rental usage.




In its latest iteration, has been reborn as “BEACHES and SEA No❶ for Nautical, Sea and Beach Tshirts, Tees, Stickers, Totes and Clothing – Ideal For That Special Present“! Jason’s love for graphic design and his passion for creating high-quality, sustainable t-shirts and other items that reflect his interests in nautical, sea, and beach themes has resulted in a “hands off” business model that allows him to concentrate on his day job while pursuing his creative passion.
 is Jason’s own little corner of the internet where he shares his marketing insights, fashion tips, and other musings with the world. It serves as a marketing channel for and reflects his personal style and interests.




At both and, we are always on the lookout for new products and services to feature on our websites. If you think your product or service would be a good fit for our audience, please contact us. We are also happy to write articles about your product or service, which will be featured on our website and help you generate more traffic and leads.


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We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our passion for design, marketing, and the beach lifestyle with you.

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